drop off, on-site, & remote


business, home


on-site, remote

Want to keep an eye on your home or business? We can help you get set up with a well-designed camera system. Want motion alerts to your phone, no problem!

Broken computer? Get it fixed.

Leave your broken gadget with us, and we can do the work cheaper since we don’t wait around for hours on one job. Much of the time is spent waiting, and this is the optimal way to provide many services.

We come to you and take care of everything for you!

Whatever the issue we come to your location and diagnose, upgrade, and repair nearly any issue

Billed hourly, rates vary.

We will remotely control your computer (while you watch if you like) and take care of malware, slow running computers, install applications, whatever issue you may have can most likely be fixed remotely.


We have experience being the IT point of contact for your business. We can help with computers, networks, telephones, ISP issues, and much more.


Most any tech job for a home user. Networking issues, wireless, tablets, phones, help installing devices.